About me

(Above) Me, Jonathan Vogt
        Hello, My name is Jonathan Vogt. I am an aspiring writer, and I figured one good way to get started would be to start off on a website much like this! I also figured it'd be a great place to blog, as well as get my voice heard! I write all kinds of things -poetry, prose, stories, philosophical and opinion essays, etc.
       I live in rural western Massachusetts, a (somewhat) wonderful artistic hub for creativity. I have lived here for more then half my life now. My mom is also a writer, and my dad is a psychiatrist.
       I'm a strong supporter of both gay rights & government transparency. I'm also an activist in other areas, but those are my two favorite issues to deal with. Because of thus, I feel gays should  have all the rights that non-LGBT people have, and I also see Wikileaks as a good journalistic tool, and quite frankly I think Julian Assange and Daniel Domschiet-Berg are heroes for coming up with it.