Bradley Manning Moved To Ft. Leavenworth
    Bradley Manning - the Private and lead suspect for releasing a video clip known as collateral murder as well as thousands of diplomatic cables - has been moved from Quantico to Fort Leavenworth in Kansas. It is said that his move was not a criticism of Quantico, and the people at Fort Leavenworth were congratulated them on their efforts of detaining Private Manning.
    Former state department spokesman, J.P Crowley, criticizes his detainment, saying that is simply doing no good whatsoever.
     Personally, I completely agree with Crowley. Hell, I don't even believe Manning should even be in jail! I've gone on many rants concerning Manning's freedom, and I'll do another. I see no reason for his detainment. I see nothing wrong with what he did! He released many important documents that the public deserves to know; as a free democracy, we should be allowed to view, as well as release, such documents! It is a shame to see this happening to Bradley. But what I ask is: is releasing a video showing the ruthless murder of 12 civilians, 2 of them Reuters journalists, followed by the severe injury of two kids a worse crime then actually being those whom are responsible for this act of unjust murder?


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