Wikileaks has released another major document earlier in the week. Over 700 top secret documents concerning character profiles of almost all Guantanamo Bay prisoners was released and can be found in this link here.
        This only justifies the fact that many detainees are actually innocent or too minor to be detained at this controversial jail.
        Within the profiles, it may state where/how they were captured, appearance, dangerousness and threat to America, intelligence information, etc.

Turns out to not even be from any African country! He's American! By Jove!
Surprise, surprise. The fact that some Americans were so ingrained within this minute issue only reflects on how some people really spend their time dealing with so called problems...I have nothing else to say...I'd like to see the Brits try to disprove the Queen's nationality...Oh wait, they're focusing on actual issues. Fascinating.
Bradley Manning Moved To Ft. Leavenworth
    Bradley Manning - the Private and lead suspect for releasing a video clip known as collateral murder as well as thousands of diplomatic cables - has been moved from Quantico to Fort Leavenworth in Kansas. It is said that his move was not a criticism of Quantico, and the people at Fort Leavenworth were congratulated them on their efforts of detaining Private Manning.
    Former state department spokesman, J.P Crowley, criticizes his detainment, saying that is simply doing no good whatsoever.
     Personally, I completely agree with Crowley. Hell, I don't even believe Manning should even be in jail! I've gone on many rants concerning Manning's freedom, and I'll do another. I see no reason for his detainment. I see nothing wrong with what he did! He released many important documents that the public deserves to know; as a free democracy, we should be allowed to view, as well as release, such documents! It is a shame to see this happening to Bradley. But what I ask is: is releasing a video showing the ruthless murder of 12 civilians, 2 of them Reuters journalists, followed by the severe injury of two kids a worse crime then actually being those whom are responsible for this act of unjust murder?

Today is the Day Of Silence. The point of today is to stay quiet in protest for homophobic bullying and harassment both straight and gay youths face. 90% of kids who are LGBT have reported some sort of harassment within their school environment, and the point of today is to end that! In a country were we welcome all walks of life, why on earth are we receiving numbers such as that? We're America!

Well, anyhoo, if one wants to participate, simply do not speak in honor of today, April 15th.

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Now I'm sure y'all have heard of Japan. I'm currently expressing my deepest condolences towards the Japanese people, though I have hope that they will make a comeback through this terrible crisis. I still advise people to donate and support Japan! They'll need it! Hell, I've even decided to restart learning Japanese! Nonetheless, Japan will need the help and support, so whether you can or can't donate, it's still a good idea to advise others to do so. Let's help my favorite foreign country.

        Bad news. Unfortunately, Fukushima is now tied with Chernobyl concerning radiation; level 7, declared April 12th. There is a Q&A concerning Fukushima below.
        There is a new essay up now in the Other section! Ubi Est Amor?
        I am also working on a number of other stories that will hopefully through time make it up on here and whatnot; so expect more, for more is coming! n stuff.
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